My passions are close-ups and colour. I love exploring a garden or piece of landscape through my macro lens – and more recently I’ve got hooked on playing with movement, long exposures and cropping to create abstracts.

Most of the photographs here were taken with my Nikon D200 SLR camera and various prime lenses (my favourite being my 105mm macro, which I’ve had for more than twenty years). I shoot raw files and process them in Lightroom – only doing wild stuff with the abstracts.


Flowers & Gardens

I'll go hunting through gardens for exciting combinations of colours and shapes. Or sometimes I’ll bunch flowers in a vase and photograph them outdoors in natural light.


Experiments in camera movement, where the outcome of each minuscule dance is unpredictable.

Landscape Details

Favourite places to explore are the Victorian reservoir at Lake Vyrnwy, Powys; and Stapeley Hill, just in Shropshire, with its stone circles and mysterious earthworks.

‘Chaos & Delight’

A selection of images from my ebook, all of the garden I made around a rented cottage.