The galleries below are of prints I made myself on my Epson Stylus Photo 2100 printer, using Epson's Archival Matte paper. I generally printed as large as I could on either A3+ or A4 sheets. This means images in the original 3:2 ratio of 35mm captures are printed at about 45 x 30cm (18 x 12in) if they're described as ‘A3'; and about 28 x 18cm (11 x 7in) for ‘A4'. Cropped images have been printed as large as possible on the paper, but may be narrower or wider than this.

I've recently stopped doing my own fine art printing (too expensive in materials and time!), and am now getting my prints made by local printer George Thompson. He uses a much bigger and fancier Epson printer, with HP Litho Realistic paper, which also has a fine matte finish. Like my prints, these should have good longevity, especially if they're framed behind glass and not hung in direct sunlight. George should be able to print any of the images on this site, or in my books – not just those featured here.


I'm charging a little less for George's prints, since I'm not proofing them individually in the way I used to. New prints up to 50 x 40cm (20 x 16in) are £65; up to A3 @ 40 x 30cm (16 x 12in) are £50; and up to A4 @ 30 x 20cm (12 x 8in) are £35. Prices for my prints are given in the captions to the images below.

Please note all prices exclude postage and packing: if you email me with details of the print(s) you'd like to buy, I'll let you know what the total will be. Payment would be by cheque, ideally; if that's not practical, we can use PayPal.

Please note too, that while George and I do our best, prints won't exactly match the colour and contrast you see on your screen (each screen varies, in any case – so we can't know what you're seeing).  


Email me about buying a print

Please include the image title and size you're interested in, and your address so I can calculate postage costs.

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