This is where I’ll be offering free downloads as well as ebooks and other items for sale. I’m launching with a couple of freebies – some of my favourite quotes about photography, plus a beginner’s guide to garden photography – and my first ebook, ‘Chaos & Delight’. I’m hoping to experiment with other ebook formats soon, with free samples to test them out.


Please get in touch if you have any questions about my ebooks and downloads

‘Chaos & Delight’

‘Chaos & Delight: Experiments in a temporary garden’

The adventures of a photographer gripped by gardening fever who's faced with the challenges of a temporary site, no budget, and only occasionally green fingers.

Ebook in PDF format, designed for reading on tablets, laptops and desktop computers   124pp    300 colour photographs

NB Please download direct to the device you wish to read the book on, and then open it in your preferred PDF reader. I suggest iBooks on an iPad, Preview on a Mac, Acrobat Reader on a PC. Don't try and read it in your web browser – it's liable to vanish!

(The option to open in a different app shows up in Safari on the iPad if you hover at the top right of the page. Other devices and their browsers should be similar. Try hovering over various parts of the page until options pop up; or go into the menus on a laptop or desktop machine.)

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