I live on the Welsh Border, where I grew up. My passion for photography was sparked while working as an editor at Dorling Kindersley on gardening books. I then trained as a rebirther in London and Australia, and spent some time travelling. When I came back to Britain I knew I wanted to be in the country, so for the past twenty years I've lived a patchwork life, doing as much writing, photography, gardening and exploring as I can in between the demands of my day job as a book editor. I'm excited by the possibilities of self-publishing, and hope to share much more of my work in this way. 


If you'd like to contact me, please use the button below. The site's a permanent work-in-progress, so I'd especially appreciate you letting me know if anything on it isn't working. 

Inspirations & Connections

Jenny Crusie's Argh Ink blog – a brilliant and funny author and teacher. 

StoryWonk – free podcasts on storytelling, plus classes that are well worth the money. 

Borderland Visual Arts Network – mutually supportive local artists' group, who do Open Studios each June.

Marches Independent Photography – friendly, non-competitive and inspiring local photographers. 

 InsideOut – more local artists, whose blog features art events.

Rowan Taliesin – a good friend whose paintings are inspired by dreams and pagan mythology. 

George Thompson, Replicolour – my printer up the Tanat Valley.

byThom – a cluster of informative blogs on Nikon SLRs, mirrorless systems, and new developments in photography gear.