Blog intro

This is an experiment. Testing, testing.

It’s taken me weeks to build this website. And it’s a couple of years since I started sketching ideas for it. I couldn’t update my old site myself, so it became stuck and felt distant. I’m going for a sea change here. From being a hermit, writing and photographing mostly for myself – and often questioning why I’m doing it when it goes nowhere – I’ve created this new website so I can start to self-publish. I’m beginning this blog, which I hope will be fun and keep me out in the world. I’m about to buy a new camera, which will offer me new possibilities for my photography. And I’m excited about doing more writing – starting to play around with fiction as well as non-fiction.

I’m not sure what I’ll be covering in this blog. I want to use the format to focus on a particular idea or experience. Something that’s sparked me. A shiny bauble that makes my inner magpie happy. I love gardening, exploring, design, landscape history, earth mysteries, fiction . . . I think it’s mostly going to be about the challenges of being creative / following your path with heart. I hope it’s going to be easy and enjoyable to create, and fun to read.