A fresh start?

San Francisco Flower Market, April

San Francisco Flower Market, April

So that’s eighteen months of existential crises – am I a writer? am I a photographer? do I deserve to exist when I don’t earn a living? – which is more than enough. I’m experimenting with collages at last: I’m showing two in a Marches Independent Photographers show at the Willow Gallery in Oswestry, opening on Saturday.

This one’s a celebration of an early morning visit to San Francisco Flower Market in April with my cousin Peter, who has a trade pass. My little Panasonic LX100 was ideal for snapping shots in a hurry. Many were composed as squares; others I cropped to match. I spent hours shuffling fifty little proof pix until I felt the arrangement clicked.

I’ve had both collages printed as canvas wraps – another thing I’ve been meaning to try for a while. I thought they’d save me the hassle of framing, but I’m not convinced they make the best of the images – although George at Replicolour has done a great job, as always.

Still, I’m making images and sharing them again.